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ACL Access Control List
AES Advanced Encryption System
APS Application Support Sublayer
ASVS Application Security Verification Standard
BPSK Binary Phase Shift Keying
CBKE Certificate Based Key Exchange
CCM* Enhanced Counter with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code
CPU Central Processing Unit
CSMA/CA Carrier Sense Multiple Access – Collision Avoidance
FFD Fully Functional Device
IDS Intrusion Detection System
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc
IPS Intrusion Prevention System
ISO-OSI International Organization for Standardization - Open Systems Interconnection
I/Q In-phase, Quadrature
MAC Media Access Control
MIC Message Integrity Code
NVM Non-Volatile Memory
NWK Network Layer
OWASP Open Web Application Security Project
O-QPSK Offset Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
PAN Personal Area Network
PARADIS Passive Radiometric Device Identification System
PHY Physical layer
RAM Random Access Memory
RFD Reduced Function Device
RSSI Received Signal Strength Indicator
SKKE Symmetric-Key Key Establishment
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface Bus
USB Universal Serial Bus
XOR Exclusive OR
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